Sentence Examples

  • However, because Sega's development team created the Saturn with dual CPUs (Hitachi 28.6 Mhz SuperH-2 7604), along with 6 other processors, game makers found it difficult to harness all of this power.
  • Higher end models, such as the Hitachi rice cookers, can make a variety of rice dishes from traditional brown rice to sticky rice, which can help add variety to your meals.
  • This is the basic model of rice cooker offered by Hitachi- ideal for beginners who just want to test out having a rice cooker in their kitchen.
  • Hitachi rice cookers make a good addition to your arsenal of kitchen small appliances, especially if you enjoy cooking with niche appliances.
  • Hitachi makes several rice cookers from a basic model to a high end, luxury model with all the bells and whistles.