Sentence Examples

  • He then entered the ministry, became repetent at Tubingen, and for a short time held a pastorate at Heilbronn (1868).
  • Mayer, a physician at Heilbronn, published an attempt to determine the mechanical equivalent of heat from the heat produced when air is compressed.
  • 2 See Wilhelm Altenburg, Die Klarinette (Heilbronn, 1904-1905), P. 33.
  • It is navigable for small steamboats up to Heilbronn, for boats up to Cannstatt, and for rafts from Rottweil.
  • Miller, Mythologie der deutschen Heldensage (Heilbronn, 1886) and supplement, Zur Mythologic der griechischen and deutschen Heldensage (ib., 1889); O.

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