Sentence Examples

  • Hazlitt appeared in 1807.
  • C. Hazlitt, The Venetian Republic (London, 1900); C. Yriarte, Venise (Paris, 1875); W.
  • Carew Hazlitt (1892); The City Companies of London, by P. H.
  • Among its more famous contributors were Lord Brougham, Sir Walter Scott, Carlyle, Hazlitt and Macaulay.
  • The reprint (3 vols.) edited for the "Pulteney Library" by Hazlitt in 1840-1843 contains a good and full life mainly derived from Wilson, the whole of the novels (including the Serious Reflections now hardly ever published with Robinson Crusoe), Jure Divino, The Use and Abuse of Marriage, and many of the more important tracts and smaller works.