Sentence Examples

  • Proving that celebrities don't have to be young and pencil-thin to be considered hot, actress Salma Hayek topped an e-Poll list of sexiest celebrities in 2007 at the age of 40, and she was pregnant at the time to boot!
  • The company will be based in the city of Beil, Switzerland and will be chaired by Swiss billionaire Nicolas Hayek, who is also the chairman of the executive board at Swatch Group AG.
  • We can't all look like Salma Hayek, but we can most certainly incorporate some of her best qualities, namely her love of life, her passion and her commitment to being herself.
  • Victoria's Secret: The full coverage halter top offered at Victoria's Secret is very similar to the bikini Salma Hayek is wearing in the photographs on Webshots.
  • Many women appreciate that Hayek embodies a realistic shape with her curves and isn't a stick-thin figure that most people can't achieve in a healthy fashion.