Sentence Examples

  • HASSELT, the capital of the Belgian province of Limburg.
  • Hasselt is best known for its great septennial fete held on the day of Assumption, August 15th.
  • Fir trees and branches from the neighbouring forest are collected and planted in front of the houses, so that for a few hours Hasselt has the appearance of being restored to its primitive condition as a wood.
  • It lies about half-way between Hasselt and Louvain, and is still one of the five fortified places in Belgium.
  • Thus in Overysel, in addition to the canals already mentioned, the Dedemsvaart connects the Vecht with the Zwarte Water near Hasselt; in Drente the Smildervaart and Drentsche Hoofdvaart unites Assen with Meppel, and receives on the eastern side the drainage canals of the Drente fens, namely, the Orange canal and the Hoogeveen Vaart (1850-1860; 1880-1893).