Sentence Examples

  • There is hardly any increase in the intestinal secretion, the drug being emphatically not a hydragogue cathartic. There is no doubt that its habitual use may be a factor in the formation of haemorrhoids; as in the case of all drugs that act powerfully on the lower part of the intestine, without simultaneously lowering the venous pressure by causing increase of secretion from the bowel.
  • The drug is obviously contraindicated in pregnancy and when haemorrhoids are already present.
  • For bleeding haemorrhoids tannic acid suppositories are useful, or tannic acid can be dusted on directly.
  • Opium rather than morphine is also usually employed to relieve the pain of haemorrhoids or fissure of the rectum.
  • Sulphur and sulphur waters such as those of Harrogate, Aix-la-Chapelle and Aix-les-Bains, have a powerful effect in congested conditions of the liver and intestines, haemorrhoids, gout and gravel.