Sentence Examples

  • On his campaigns in Normandy and Guyenne, and was made lieutenant-general of these two provinces.
  • In 1272 it was the first of the towns of Guyenne to join the confederation headed by Bordeaux.
  • The " Truce of God " was established by the clergy (originally in Guyenne in 1031) to take advantage of holy days and festivals for the purpose of restricting the time available for bloodshed.
  • When the religious wars broke out in France, Montluc, a staunch royalist, held Guyenne for the king.
  • Habitual privation during one year in every three drove the peasants to revolt: in Boulonnais, the Pyrenees, Vivarais, in Guyenne from 1670 onwards and in Brittany in 1675.

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