Sentence Examples

  • More recently, he co-starred in the USA program, Moonlight, as ADA Benjamin Talbot and appeared as Colton Graham in the feature film Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.
  • From Guantanamo to Santiago it rises in high escarpments, a.nd W.
  • Shore running westward Guantanamo, Santiago and Cienfuegos, are harbours of the first class, several of them among the best of the world.
  • The mountains beyond Guantanamo are locally known by a variety of names, though topographically a continuation of the Sierra Maestra.
  • The caves of Cotilla near Havana, of Bellamar near Matanzas, of Monte Libano near Guantanamo, and those of San Juan de los Remedios, are the best known, but there are scores of others.