Sentence Examples

  • A new light has been thrown on the 7raparcXauviOupov of the Curculio .047-155) by the discovery of the Alexandrian erotic fragment published by Grenfell and Hunt (Oxford, 1896).
  • 67, 137-156; Grenfell and Hunt, Hibeh Papyri, i.
  • Grenfell, M.P., with the object of reintroducing this fish into the river, and in April 1901 and on subsequent occasions a number of young salmon were placed at Teddington by way of experiment.
  • To this section belongs also the Fayum Gospel Fragment and the Logia published by Grenfell and Hunt.'
  • TheLogia is the name given to the sayings contained in a papyrus leaf, by its discoverers Grenfell and Hunt.