Sentence Examples

  • " Clouer grasse, or the grasse honey suckle " (white clover), is directed to be sown with other hay seeds.
  • 1268), Benedictine abbot of Notre Dame de la Grasse (1224) and bishop of Marseilles (1229), twice visited the Holy Land (1239 and 1260), where he helped the Templars build the great castle of Safet.
  • The French admiral, the comte de Grasse, attacked the British islands of St Kitts and Nevis with a much superior force to the squadron under Hood's command.
  • He was made an Irish peer for his share in the defeat of the comte de Grasse on the 9th and 12th of April near Dominica.
  • Grasse, Die grossen Sagenkreise des Mittelalters (Dresden, 1842), forming part of his Lehrbuch einer Literargeschichte der beriihmtesten Volker des Mittelalters; W.