Sentence Examples

  • This last tube is probably the homologue of Laurer's canal (Goto, 8).
  • Goto, who considers the genus to be allied to Olindias.
  • Goto, " Dendrocoryne Inaba, Vertreterin einer neuen Familie der Hydromedusen," Annot.
  • Goto, " Homology of Genital Ducts," Centralbl.
  • 1895), whose books of birdsthe Bairei hyakucho gwafu (1881 and 1884) and Yaka-notsuki (1889)are unequalled of their kind; Imao Keinen, who also issued a beautiful set of illustrations of birds and flowers (Keinen kwacho gwafu), engraved by Tanaka Jirokichi and printed by Miki NisaburO (1891-1892); and Watanabe Seitei, whose studies of similar subjects have appeared in Seitei kwac/jO gwafu (1890-1891) and the Bijutsu sekai (1894), engraved by Goto Tokujiro.