Sentence Examples

  • LAUBAN, a town of Germany in the Prussian province of Silesia, is situated in a picturesque valley, at the junction of the lines of railway from Gorlitz and Sorau, 16 m.
  • Finally he decided to group his corps round Gorlitz and Bautzen whence they could either meet the enemy advancing from Breslau or fall on his flank over the mountains if they attempted to force their way into Saxony by the valley of the Elbe.
  • By this time the Meistersinger schools 'had spread all over south and central Germany; and isolated gilds were to be found farther north, at Magdeburg, Breslau, Gorlitz and Danzig.
  • A collected edition of his works was published in Leipzig and Gorlitz in 1734.
  • In 1319 the former was restored to Bohemia, which also recovered Gorlitz in 1329.

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