Sentence Examples

  • Its early beginnings take their rise amidst a mighty mass of glaciers which cover the northern slopes of the watershed, separating them from the sources of the Gogra on the south; and there is evidence that two of its great southern tributaries, the Shorta Tsanpo (which joins about 150 m.
  • The point of junction with both the Gumti and the Gogra has more or less pretension to sanctity.
  • It lies among the mountains of Kumaon, between the upper waters of the Ganges and the Gogra, here called the Kali.
  • The district of Ballia, constituted in 1879, occupies an angle at the junction of the Gogra with the Ganges, being bordered by two districts of Behar.
  • By the river Gogra, separating it from Gorakhpur district; on the E.