Sentence Examples

  • Just as the IPhone integrates with many of Apple's other services (like iTunes) and Android phones integrate with Google services (like Gmail), Windows Phone 7 features strong integration with other Microsoft products.
  • Using the Google Gears technology (which allows you to use many Google apps such as Documents, Picasa, and Gmail offline) it will log into your Blogger site and allow you to edit old entries and create new ones.
  • As it stands, the current build of Google Android has a fair bit of Google integration, including direct access to Google Maps (using GPS on a cell phone), Gmail, Google Calendar, and other similar services.
  • Instead, everything -- including the synchronization of appointments and contacts -- is handled through the online Google "cloud" (Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.). There is no desktop synchronization.
  • By clicking in the Find Friends tab, you can find your friends on Twitter by searching other services you use, like Windows Live, Hotmail, Instant Messenger, LinkedIn, Gmail, and Yahoo.