Sentence Examples

  • In another question connected with this, the problem of drawing tangents to any curve, Descartes was drawn into a controversy with Pierre (de) Fermat (1601-1663), Gilles Persone de Roberval (1602-1675), and Girard Desargues (1593-1661).
  • In February 1844 he argued the Girard Will Case before the United States Supreme Court.
  • Stephen Girard had devised and bequeathed the residue of his estate for the establishment and maintenance of Girard College, in which no minister of the Gospel of any sect or denomination whatever should be admitted.
  • Girard, in La Revue politique et litteraire (Dec. 27, 1813); V.
  • Girard, Comptes rendus, 1856, 43, p. 39 6).