Sentence Examples

  • Ovid thus assigns Propertius his place: successor fuit hic (Tibullus), tibi, Galle: Propertius illi (Tibullo): Quartus ab his serie temporis ipse fui (Tr.
  • At Singapore the range is less than 5°; and at Batavia in Java, and Galle in Ceylon, it is about the same.
  • Some vases of this character, shown by Emile Galle and Daum Freres of Nancy, possessed considerable beauty.
  • The narrow isthmus'[between this lake and the sea, south of the Fort, is called Galle Face, and is occupied chiefly by promenades and recreation grounds.
  • These improvements caused Galle to be abandoned as a port of call for steamers in favour of Colombo, while Trincomalee has been abandoned as a naval station.