Sentence Examples

  • After one more unsuccessful attempt, in 1700, to recover his principality, he settled down at Galata with his wife.
  • The Genoese were established in the spacious quarter of Galata and threatened to absorb the trade of the Levant.
  • Table A gives the produce of the revenues in 1881-1882, the last year of the administration of the " Galata Bankers," the average product of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth quinquennial periods since the public council was established, and of the year 1907-1908.
  • In 1868 the Imperial Lycee of Galata Serai was founded; most of the later generation of officials received their education there.
  • Like the Lyceum of Galata Serai in Constantinople, it has two sets of professors, Turkish and French, and a full course of education in each language, the pupils following both courses.

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