Sentence Examples

  • After the defeat of Scopas, Antiochus gained Batanaea and Samaria and Abila and Gadara, and a little later those of the Jews who live round the Temple called Jerusalem adhered to him."
  • 3), we find the names of Phaedrus (who became scholarch at Athens c. 70 B.C.) and Philodemus (originally of Gadara in Palestine) as distinguished Epicureans in the time of Cicero.
  • Many of them exchange their existing name for that of Antioch (Adana, Tarsus, Gadara, Ptolemais), Seleucia (Mopsuestia, Gadara) or Epiphanea (Oeniandus, Hamath).
  • Those of El-Hamma, below Gadara, are from 104° to 120° F.
  • After his victory he took formal possession of Batanaea, Samaria, Abila and Gadara; " and after a little the Jews who dwelt round about the shrine called Jerusalem came over to him " (Polyb.