Sentence Examples

  • With the exceptions of Kang-hwa, Chong-ju, Tung-nai, Fusan, and Won-san, it is very doubtful if any other Korean towns reach a population of 15,000.
  • Won-san and Fusan are large fishing centres, and salt fish and fish manure are important exports; but the prolific fishing-grounds are worked chiefly by Japanese labour and capital.
  • The ports and other towns open are Seoul, Chemulpo, Fusan, Won-san, Chin-nampo, Mok-po, Kun-san, Ma-san-po, Song-chin, Wiju, Yong-ampo, and Phyong-yang.
  • This became a branch of the longer line from Fusan to Seoul (286 m.), the concession for which was granted in 1898.
  • Korea is connected with the Chinese and Japanese telegraph systems by a Japanese line from Chemulpo via Seoul to Fusan, and by a line acquired by the empire between Seoul and Wiju.