Sentence Examples

  • Unfortunately, Matilde's status-conscious mother, Augusta, thwarts the young lovers' romance by forcing her daughter to marry wealthy landowner Manuel Fuentes Guerra (played by Fernando Colunga) in order to save the family from bankruptcy.
  • On the 3rd of May Loison attacked him at Fuentes d'Onor near Almeida, and Massena coming up himself made a more serious attack on the 5th of May.
  • The allied loss in the fighting on both days at Fuentes d'Onor was about r Soo: the French 3000.
  • He was wounded at Busaco, became brevet-major after Fuentes de (Moro, accompanied the stormers of the 52nd light infantry as a volunteer at Ciudad Rodrigo and specially distinguished himself at the storming of Badajoz, being the first to mount the breach, and afterwards showing great resolution and promptitude in securing one of the gates before the French could organize a fresh defence.
  • 1884); Mariano Rivero has discussed its antiquities; and Manuel Fuentes has edited six volumes of memoirs written by Spanish viceroys.