Sentence Examples

  • Mac Scorpio (Chief of Police) also raised Robin after her parents 'death' as well as the Jones girls (Maxie and Georgie) with Felicia Jones after Frisco abandoned them to work with WSB.
  • The world trotting super spy James Bond provided a definite influence on the creation of Robert Scorpio, his estranged ex-wife Anna Devane and later Sean Donely and young Frisco Jones.
  • A complaint about the current show is that many of the heroes of the action adventure years (Luke, Robert, and Frisco) are all portrayed as deadbeat dads.
  • Collin County is comprised of cities and towns expanding out from the central Dallas corridor including Plano, Wylie, Allen, McKinney, Frisco and more.
  • It is served by the Southern, the Louisville & Nashville, the Seaboard Air Line, the Central of Georgia, the Alabama Great Southern (of the Queen & Crescent Route), the Illinois Central, the Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic, the Birmingham Southern (for freight only), and the Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham (Frisco system) railways.