Sentence Examples

  • So many remember lines from this point of movies because they fram so much of what a movie means.
  • The long-deferred expedition of Roald Amundsen to the polar basin left Norway in June 1918 in the " Maud," built on an improved model of the " Fram."
  • During Nansen's expedition on the " Fram " in 1894-1895, Scott Hansen made observations with a Sterneck's half-seconds pendulum on the ice where the sea was more than 1600 fathoms deep and found only an insignificant deviation from the number of swings corresponding to a normal ellipsoid.
  • The time of touching bottom i studied by the Norwegian expedition on board the " VOringen " was judged by timing each loo-fathom mark and noting the in 1876-1878, and the north polar basin by Nansen and Sverdrup sudden increase in the time interval when the shot reached the in the " Fram " in 1893-1896, the Mediterranean by the Italians bottom.
  • Roald Amundsen sailed from Norway in the "Fram " (which had been fitted with internal combustion engines) in Aug.