Sentence Examples

  • The pope condemned this marriage as adulterous; and Abbo of Fleury, who visited Rome shortly after Gregory V.'s accession, is said to have procured the restoration of Arnulf at the new pontiff's demand.
  • See also le Comte Fleury d'Ideville, Le Comte Pellegrino Rossi, sa vie, ses ceuvres, sa mort (1887).
  • 145 seq.; Rohault et Fleury, La Messe (Paris, 1889), vii.
  • He found favour at the Frankish court, was made abbot of Fleury and of Saint-Aignan, and in 781 became bishop of Orleans.
  • Four of the medieval historians from whom he quotes most frequently are Sigebert of Gembloux, Hugh of Fleury, Helinand of Froidmont, and William of Malmesbury, whom he uses for Continental as well as for English history.