Sentence Examples

  • US Flash Map also offers a very specific element to any web site: interactive Flash-based vector maps that include animation, user controls, and the ability to add in photos and other rich media to each location on the map.
  • The low frame rate and tiny sizes might actually take away from whatever site they're used on.An alternative might be to use a Flash-based animation such as Amara Software's.
  • The Flash-based online computer game features a very simple interface -- just three keys -- but the button-mashing keeps the action level at an exhilarating high.
  • The iRiver U10 is a flash-based digital music player with a large color screen and the ability to play mp3 songs, view movies, play flash games and much more.
  • By and large, online tools that allow you to do this are Flash-based and they will feature elements from some of your favorite retro 2D games.