Sentence Examples

  • Now we have not to decide whether the Greeks were right in thinking that Prometheus only meant "the fore-sighted wise man," or whether the Germans know better, and are correct when they say the name merely meant "fire-stick."
  • Is it credible that, in all their languages, the name of the fire-stick should have caused a confusion of thought which ultimately led to the belief that fire was obtained originally by larceny ?
  • Lastly, fire is said (owing to this confusion) to have been stolen, and the term which meant the common savage fire-stick is by a process of delusion conceived to represent, not a stick, but a person, Prometheus, who stole fire.
  • 6 Steinthal goes on: "Thus the fetching of Agni became a robbery of the fire, and the pramatha (fire-stick) a robber.
  • Against these very natural etymologies the philologists support a theory that Prometheus is really a Greek form of pramantha (Skt.), the fire-stick of the Hindus.