Sentence Examples

  • To the east, from which an extensive view of the Bohmerwald, Fichtelgebirge and Erzgebirge is obtained.
  • FRANKENWALD, a mountainous district of Germany, forming the geological connexion between the Fichtelgebirge and the Thuringian Forest.
  • Of Bavaria, springing out of the Fichtelgebirge at an altitude of 2390 ft.
  • It is situated on the river Eger, at the foot of one of the spurs of the Fichtelgebirge, and lies in the centre of a German district of about 40,000 inhabitants, who are distinguished from the surrounding population by their costumes, language, manners and customs. On the rock, to the N.W.
  • It has two sources, the Weisse Main (White Main), which rises in the Fichtelgebirge on the east side of the Ochsenkopf, and the Rote Main (Red Main), which, rising on the eastern slope of the Frankish Jura, flows past Bayreuth.

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