Sentence Examples

  • He had named them Roman patricians; the latter he had placed in charge of Florence; the former, for whom he planned to carve out a kingdom in central Italy of Parma, Piacenza, Ferrara and Urbino, he had taken with himself to Rome and married to Filiberta of Savoy.
  • Leo was now anxious to unite Ferrara, Parma and Piacenza to the States of the Church.
  • An attempt late in 1519 to seize Ferrara failed, and the pope recognized the need of foreign aid.
  • West of Ferrara, where a small arm of the river, still called the Po di Ferrara, branches from the main stream.
  • Hemp is largely cultivated in the provinces of Turin, Ferrara, Bologna, Foril, Ascoli Piceno and Caserta.