Sentence Examples

  • B.) Laristan, a sub-province of the province of Fars in Persia, bounded E.
  • FARS (the name Farsistan is not used), one of the five mam- likats (great provinces) of Persia, extending along the northern shore of the Persian Gulf and bounded on the west by Arabistan, on the north by Isfahan and on the east by Kerman.
  • The mountains of Fars may be considered as a continuation of the Zagros and run parallel to the shores of the Persian Gulf.
  • The highest of the mountains of Fars (14,000 ft.) is the Kuh Dina in the northwestern part of the province.
  • The above sixty districts are grouped into eighteen subprovinces under governors appointed by the governor-general of Fars, but the towns of Bushire, Lingah and Bander Abbasi, together with the villages in their immediate neighbourhood, form a separate government known as that of the "Persian Gulf Ports" (Benadir i Khalij i Fars), under a governor appointed from Teheran.