Sentence Examples

  • The dancers are so widely appreciated that the Rockettes now also have a contingent who go on tour to bring the style and class of the Rockettes to far-ranging places.
  • Substance abuse is an enormous public health problem, with far-ranging effects throughout society.
  • The operations of American privateers were too numerous and far-ranging to be told in detail.
  • The far-ranging strategic "raid" was a notable feature of the war; freely employed by both sides, it was sometimes harmful, more usually profitable, especially to the South, by reason of the captures in material, the information acquired and the alarm and confusion created.
  • As against the civilian enemy the navy strangled commerce; its military preponderance nipped in the bud every successive attempt of the Confederates to create a fleet (for each new vessel as it emerged from the estuary or harbour in which it had been built, was destroyed or driven back), while at any given point a secure base was available for the far-ranging operations of the Union armies.