Sentence Examples

  • In 1347 the remainder of Zealand was redeemed, and the southern isles, Laaland, Falster and Mon, also fell into the king's strenuous hands.
  • On Falster is the port of NykjObing, and from Gjedser, the extreme southern point of Denmark, communication is maintained with Warnemiinde in Germany (29 m.).
  • This system is also in use on the line which runs south fromRoskilde to the island of Falster, from the southernmost point of which, Gjedser, ferrysteamers taking railway cars serve Warnemunde in Germany.
  • (2) Covering the islands of Laaland and Falster, Maribo.
  • There are seven dioceses, Fiinen, Laaland and Falster, Aarhus, Aalborg, Viborg and Ribe, while the primate is the bishop of Zealand, and resides at Copenhagen, but his cathedral is at Roskilde.

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