Sentence Examples

  • With competition such as Richard Hatch and Jonny Fairplay, it's clear that Russell must be extremely devious to warrant such a label.Russell's strategy involves making everyone around him miserable.
  • In this sixteenth installment of Survivor, the twist in the show was Survivor fans versus past show favorites (not sure how Johnny Fairplay is considered a favorite).
  • On the popular reality TV show Survivor, Jonny Fairplay stood out in the beginning as a sneaky contestant who was willing to step on toes in order to get ahead.
  • At the Fox Reality Channel's Reality Awards on October 2, 2007, Danny Bonaduce injured Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay during an award presentation.
  • In addition, the casinos have a vested interest in offering their clients fairplay so they return to play poker -- and lose money -- again and again.