Sentence Examples

  • Timber and faggots were hastily collected and Polycarp was placed upon the pyre.
  • After he had been tied to the stake and the faggots had been piled, he was for the last time urged to recant, but his only reply was: "God is my witness that I have never taught or preached that which false witnesses have testified against me.
  • When led out to die she was tied to a stake, but the faggots would not burn, whereupon the officer in charge of the troops drew his sword and struck off her head.
  • It is small wonder if the prelates and priests sought to repress such trenchant criticism of their lives and doctrines as appeared more especially in the former work, and probably in many others which since have perished in " faggots and burning."
  • In 1845, in one of these caves, a French force, commanded by Colonel Pelissier, afterwards commander-in-chief of the French army in the Crimea, destroyed over 800 Arabs - men, women and children - by suffocation, by filling the mouths of the cave with faggots and then setting them on fire.