Sentence Examples

  • ROUEN - - - Bayeux, Evreux, Sees, Coutances.
  • The longest established is that of Normandy, having its centres at Rouen, Havre, Evreux, Falaise and Flers.
  • His education was obtained mainly at the Ecole Normale in Paris, where his father, a painter and architect, was engaged in the construction of the Theatre Italien, From his twenty-fifth year he began to lecture in the colleges of Evreux, Dieppe, Blois and Toulouse.
  • The counts of Dreux, for two centuries and a half (1132-1377), and the counts of Evreux, from 1307 to 1425, also belonged to the family of the Capets, - other members of which worthy of mention are the Dunois and the Longuevilles, illegitimate branches of the house of Valois, which produced many famous warriors and courtiers.
  • (1361-1425), called THE Noble, king of Navarre and count of Evreux, was the eldest son of Charles II.