Sentence Examples

  • ..Bangiaceae - Eti Florideae Eugleneae Chi Iromonadinae Pleurococcaceae - Endosphaeraceae Volvocaceae hlorosphaeraceae � CoNJuGA'rAE, Siphonales Tetrasporaceao Ulvaceae Confdyvaleb Characeae in the culminating stage of Fucus, where the oogonium is separated from the stalk-cell, so that unless it be contended that the Fucus is really a sporophyte which does not produce spores, and that the gametophyte is represented merely by the oogonium and antheridium, there is no semblance of alternation of generation in this case.
  • Median intervocal d, represented by s (1) in the first stage of the language, has disappeared: f i d eti s gave fesel, then feel, and finally fel; vi d e t i s became oezets, then veets, vets and yea.