Sentence Examples

  • On the following day the Austrian ambassador, Esterhazy, presented a despatch of a similar tenor from his court.
  • It possesses a castle of Count Esterhazy, a modern Roman Catholic Church in Gothic style and two convents.
  • But Thurzo was the last Protestant palatine, and, on his death, the Catholics, at the diet of Sopron (1625), where they dominated the Upper Chamber, and had a large minority in the Lower, were able to elect Count Miklos Esterhazy in Thurz6's stead.
  • Other parks are the Hofgarten, the Volksgarten and the Town Park, all adjoining the Ring-Strasse; the Augarten in the Leopoldstadt, the Belvedere Park in the Landstrasse, the Esterhazy Park in Mariahilf, and the Türkenschanz Park in Dobling.
  • As late as 1840, Captain Walsin Esterhazy, author of a history of the Turkish rule in Africa, ventured the guess that "Barbarossa" was simply a mispronunciation of Bala Arouj, and the supposition has been widely accepted.