Sentence Examples

  • As long as the customer is ready and willing to work with its employees to find a solution to the situation, the EMC Mortgage Corporation is willing to find a solution that makes sense for both parties.
  • If the insurance coverage on a mortgaged property has lapsed, EMC will contact the customer by letter and by phone to request confirmation that the proper insurance has been put in place.
  • As a condition of extending mortgage financing EMC Mortgage requires customers to have insurance coverage in place to cover the property in case of a loss due to a hazard and/or a flood.
  • When a home goes into foreclosure, not only is the situation stressful to the customer, but there are financial consequences to EMC as the mortgage holder as well.
  • One policy that EMC Mortgage uses to keep customer satisfaction levels high is to attempt to resolve customer questions and concerns in a single phone call.