Sentence Examples

  • Famous winners at that very first ceremony included Ingrid Bergman, Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan.
  • Is the Romanesque church of S Elia, founded about A.D.
  • Of Charles Lamb, from whom " Elia " professes to have got that translation of a Chinese MS. which furnished the dissertation on roast pig.
  • His works include: Charles Lamb (1882) and Crabbe (1903) in the "English Men of Letters" series; editions of Lamb's Essays of Elia (1883) and of his Letters (1888; 2nd ed., 1904), of the Poems (1897) of Thomas Hood, with a biographical introduction; The Life and Works of Charles Lamb (12 vols., 1899-1900); articles on Tennyson and Du Maurier in the Dictionary of National Biography; The Gospel and Human Life (1904), sermons; Lectures and Essays (2 vols., 1905), edited by the Rev. H.
  • Of these school-days Charles Lamb has given delightful glimpses in the Essays of Elia.