Sentence Examples

  • Abraham Ehrlich started the company in 1954 when he started his career offering auto insurance products to auto dealers throughout Southern California.
  • The agency grew as Robert Ehrlich also joined the company and before long they found that the insurance products they offered were not sufficient.
  • This result, which is usually known now as the " Ehrlich phenomenon," was explained by him on the supposition that the " toxin " does not represent molecules which are all the same, but contains molecules of different degrees of combining affinity and of toxic action.
  • The most important works on immunity are: Ehrlich, Studies in Immunity (English translation, New York, 5906), and Metchnikoff, Immunity in Infective Diseases (English translation, Cambridge, 1905).
  • The latter view, first advocated by Ehrlich, harmonizes with the facts established with regard to toxic action and the behaviour of antitoxins, and may now be regarded as established.