Sentence Examples

  • Colony of Dinobryon sertularia, Ehr.; X200 (Chrysomcnadidae).
  • (b) Triarthridae; body with a pair of long cervical spines pointing distally and serving for leaping movements or to extend the body and make it too big for small enemies to swallow; Pedetes Gosse (no median spines); Triarthra Ehr., one postero-ventral spine; Tetramastix Zacharias, two unequal median spines.
  • Loricata, cuticle hardened armour-like, often sculptured; Polyarthra Ehr.; Pedetes Gosse; Euchlanis Ehr.
  • Chlamydomonas pulvisculus, Ehr.
  • Syncrypta volvox, Ehr.