Sentence Examples

  • JOSEPH EGGLESTON JOHNSTON (1807-1891), American Confederate general in the Civil War, was born near Farmville, Prince Edward county, Virginia, on the 3rd of February 1807.
  • Of him Edward Eggleston says: "A strange mixture of rashness, pious zeal, genial manners, hot temper, and harsh bigotry, his extravagances supply the condiment of humour to a very serious history - it is perhaps the principal debt posterity owes him."
  • EDWARD EGGLESTON (1837-1902), American novelist and historian, was born in Vevay, Indiana, on the 10th of December 1837, of Virginia stock.
  • During the last third of his life Eggleston laboured on a History of Life in the United States, but he lived to finish only two volumes - The Beginners of a Nation (1896) and The Transit of Civilization (1900).
  • C. Eggleston, The First of the Hoosiers (Philadelphia, 1903), and Meredith Nicholson, The Hoosiers (1900).