Sentence Examples

  • It is beautifully situated in the valley of the river Eger, an affluent of the Theiss, and on the eastern outskirts of the Matra mountains.
  • Eger is the see of an archbishopric, and owing to its numerous ecclesiastical buildings has received the name of "the Hungarian Rome."
  • Of Eger, in the same county of Heves, is situated the town of Gyiingybs (pop. 15,878).
  • Eger is an old town, and owes its importance to the bishopric created' by King Stephen in ioio, which was one of the richest in the whole of Hungary.
  • In 1552 Eger resisted the repeated assaults of a large Turkish force; in 1596, however, it was given up to the Turks by the Austrian party in the garrison, and remained in their possession until 1687.