Sentence Examples

  • Products made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton will bear the official Egyptian Cotton Logo (ECL), and will be listed as such in the content list.
  • Products made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton feature the Egyptian Cotton Logo (ECL), a pyramid shape with a cotton plant inside.
  • Look for the official ECL logo, as well as the content list, to ensure that your product is made purely of Egyptian cotton.
  • If you're seeking a sheet made solely of Egyptian cotton, look for the ECL logo and percentage to verify its content.
  • Neglecting the external heat-loss, and the variation of the thermal and electric conductivities k and k', we obtain, as before, for the difference of temperature between the centre and ends, the equation O, Tho z Go = C 2 R1/8qk = ECl/8qk = E 2 k'/8k, (11) where E is the difference of electric potential between the ends.