Sentence Examples

  • This is especially needed if you are sending an ecard to someone you don't know very well, but just want them to know you're thinking of them on the Jewish holiday you're sending the card to represent.
  • You will once you view this hilarious ecard which features Santa dancing to "Cotton-Eyed Joe" while Mrs. Claus jams in the background with a bunch of elves playing the guitar and saxophone.
  • Let your personality and your relationship with each of your friends and family members be the star of a humorous Christmas ecard you send to each one of them individually.
  • Remember to include a short personal message in the funny ecard so that the recipient feels remembered and knows that they got a personalized card instead of a mass one.
  • Christmas Angel: If you are searching for a touching musical ecard to send Grandma or Aunt Sue this Christmas, then look no further than this melodious angel card.

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