Sentence Examples

  • If you don't want to use the LTK Web Design free template, and you're not interested in creating your own free eBay template, then you may want to consider the following resources where you can download a listing template for free.
  • To maximize your spending, consider buying used or factory reconditioned models, utilizing a discount directly from Apple, shopping at tax-free authorized retailers, buying inexpensive Macs on eBay, or trading in your old system for a Mac.
  • These include mobile operators like KDDI Corporation (Japan) and Telecom Italia (Italy), as well as other kinds of companies like Audience (voice processors), Intel, NVIDIA (graphics processors), eBay, and Esmertec (multimedia solutions).
  • Start with the local newspaper and classified publications in your area, as well as eBay and Craig's List.In addition to perusing local resources, take the time to review classified advertising websites that focus exclusively on RV sales.
  • Those who still want to try the Kymaro Body Shaper, because some users (who, it must be noted, might be company employees) do claim good results, might do better to purchase on eBay and thus save a lot of money and potential aggravation.