Sentence Examples

  • A common and handsome bird is the blue plantain-eater (Corythaeola).
  • Among edentata the ant-bear, scaly ant-eater and porcupine are plentiful.
  • There are six species of monkey corresponding to those of Guiana and the Amazon valley, the sloth and ant-eater, 12 known genera of rodents, including many species of Mures, the cavy, the capybara, the paca, the nutria, the agouti, the tree porcupine, Loncheres cristata, Echimys cayen and the Brazilian hare.
  • Har Govind was a hunter and eater of flesh, and encouraged his followers to eat meat as giving them strength and daring.
  • 14) naturally identifies with the child-eater Kronos, thus leading many moderns to make Molech the planet Saturn.