Sentence Examples

  • So, we trudge up to E3, complaining about what a hellhole it is, hating the train, hating the parking situation, but happy to be out of the office for the day, despite the overpriced food, the long lines and the deafening roar.
  • Konami touted an eye-popping trailer at the big 2005 gaming debutante's ball, aka the E3 conference and exposition, and unlike many other PS3 trailers, it was being completely rendered in real-time.
  • Companies try to save some surprises for E3 and they polish up their demos, but realistically, to be competitive, video game makers have to market to consumers and retailers year round.
  • According to eyewitnesses, the 2005 E3 teaser for Tekken 6 was mesmerizing, featuring a jaw-dropping action sequence with a visibly sweating, punching and kicking Jin Kazama.
  • E3 caters to the video game, computer game and other interactive software industries, which, by the way, bring in far more revenue than the Hollywood box office every year.