Sentence Examples

  • From the end of May through mid-October, the 149-passenger Twilight embarks on two-day voyages, which navigate the chocolate-colored waters of the Mighty Mississippi from LeClaire, Iowa, ten hours upriver to Dubuque.
  • It offers day and evening cruises, primarily from Moline, Illinois, and Dubuque, Iowa.
  • More or less closely connected with the Northern Church are the theological seminaries at Princeton, Auburn, Pittsburg (formerly Allegheny - the Western Seminary), Cincinnati (Lane), New York (Union) and Chicago (McCormick), already named, and San Francisco Seminary (1871) since 1892 at San Anselmo, Cal., a theological seminary (1891) at Omaha, Nebraska, a German theological seminary (1869) at Bloomfield, New Jersey, the German Presbyterian Theological School of the North-west (1852) at Dubuque, Iowa, and the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Kentucky, which is under the control and supervision of the northern and southern churches.
  • The first mines to be worked in Iowa were those for lead and zinc at Dubuque and to the northward.
  • The largest centres of industry are Sioux City, Davenport, Dubuque,Des Moines,Burlington and Council Bluffs.