Sentence Examples

  • Only in the Urals, the Caucasus, the Timan Mountains, the region of the Donets coalfield, and the Kielce Hills is there any sign of the great folding from which nearly the whole of the rest of Europe has suffered at one time or another.
  • Russia has three large coalbearing regions - the Moscow basin, the Donets region and the Urals.
  • Not only the higher chains of Caucasus and Yaila, but also the Donets ridge, rose above the :oo 4?.
  • This swelling includes the Donets coal-measures and the middle granitic ridges which give rise to the rapids of the Dnieper.
  • The chief tributaries are the Sosna and North Donets on the right, and the Voronezh, Khoper, Medvyeditsa and Manych on the left.