Sentence Examples

  • He wrote essays on Les Legistes et leur influence sur la societe francaise (1878); Le Comte de Montlosier et le Gallicanisme (1880; and published in 1882 his Dix Annees de vie politique.
  • The North Carolina State Hospital (for the insane) at Raleigh was opened in 1856 as a result of the labours of Miss Dorothea Lynde Dix (1805-1887); in connexion with it there is an epileptic colony.
  • Revoil, La Vallee de Darror (Paris, 1882) and Dix mois a la ate orientale, d'Afrique (Paris, 1888); A.
  • Judging from the title of her book Dix annees d'exil, it should be put at 1804; judging from the time at which it became pretty clear that the first man in France and she who wished to be the first woman in France were not likely to get on together, it might be put several years earlier.
  • The Considerations and the Dix annees d'exil had been published after Mme de Stael's death.