Sentence Examples

  • While these do appear on the home page, complete with ranks similar to Digg, it's also common for people to follow individuals' "delicious page" which shows all the bookmarks they've found interesting.
  • Once you set up an OnlyWire account, you are expected to either pay a fee or show an ad on your site, in return for which you are able to re-post to Digg, Facebook, Plaxo, Stumbleupon and many others using your own account.
  • In addition to the accounts of President Barack Obama, Rick Sanchez and Britney Spears, the members of Digital Gangster hacked into the Twitter accounts of Fox News, CBS News and Digg founder Kevin Rose.
  • While you may spend plenty of time on Digg or Craigslist, kids will forgo simple information sites for bright colors, whimsical animations and other webpage goodies geared toward their age level.
  • Since many bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumble Upon will penalize or possibly ban you for constantly submitting your own work, allowing your readers to do this might be a good idea.